Quick Answer: Is Hep2O Compatible With Speedfit?

Do I need to use inserts with speedfit?

The simple answer is yes, always use an insert when installing Speedfit pipes as it supports the shape of the pipe.

The ‘TSM’ insert does not have an O-Ring, and therefore allow more pipe into the fitting..

Can you mix Polyplumb and speedfit?

The manufacturers would say not to mix and match, but as the external diameters are the same then providing the correct insert is used there shouldn’t be a problem.

Can you bend JG Speedfit pipe?

Yes, you can bend speedfit with a bender, but as you suspect, it won’t keep it’s shape too well. If you want to form a gently curved right-angle, you can buy formed bend clips that hold the pipe to keep the angle. Yes, leave it permanently in place.

Are plastic pipe fittings interchangeable?

The pipes and fittings are completely interchangeable, but remember to use the correct sleeves for each make of pipe (I.e: all the outside diams are exactly 15mm, 22mm etc, but the I/Ds differ slightly).

How long does JG Speedfit last?

25 yearsspeedfit = 25 years, hep20 = 50 years.

Can I use JG Speedfit on copper?

Speedfit fittings are suitable for pipes within ±0.1mm of nominal size. They can be used with copper pipe to BS EN 1057 or Speedfit plastic pipe.

Can plastic pipe be used with compression fittings?

Many, but not all, compression fittings are suitable for use with plastic fittings and pipe. … The connection should not need more than 2 full turns after the olive has gripped the pipe. Copper olives are preferable to brass olives. Ensure nut and olive are in place before inserting pipe insert.

Can you reuse push fit plumbing?

Simply so, can speedfit be reused? With Speedfit Stop Ends there is no need for tools, sweating or threading. They can be used with plastic or copper pipe, and are reusable many times over.

Can you mix copper and plastic pipes?

Interestingly you can join copper and plastic with a lot of the same fittings; a lot of people don’t realise you can join a bit of plastic pipe with a compression fitting. … Once you’ve inserted the liner the nut goes over the end of the pipe followed by the copper olive and then the fitting itself.

Which is best Hep2O or speedfit?

Always found Hep2o pipe better than Speedfit (larger bore stiffeners for a start…..) but that JG fittings much easier to use and re-usable if required with out a whole of faffing around. (esp central-heating manifolds). And, Hep pipe is now white by default to match JG fittings.

Is speedfit OK for central heating?

Can I Use SPEEDFIT For Central Heating? Yes these plastic fittings can be used to join to new or existing copper pipework (not chromed pipe though), they are suitable for use on central heating as well as domestic water plumbing.

Can you use plastic pipe on radiators?

Plastic pipe systems can be easily threaded through studwork and within wall systems during construction. This method is often used for running feeds to radiators or where concealed plumbing is required.

Can you use speedfit for hot water?

Yes you can use speedfit of heating. hot water or cold water. Use the barrier version though. No difference between coils or lengths other than straight lengths are easier to work with and you will need a lot more fittings, which you don’t want in screed floors.

Can you mix plastic and copper plumbing?

PLASTIC PIPE TO COPPER OR STEEL PIPE The chemicals used in the manufacture of any of these pipes do not react with one another, so you don’t have the corrosion factor to worry about.