Is Celotex The Same As Kingspan?

Do you need Vapour barrier with Celotex?

Although Celotex does not manufacture vapour control layer products, our premium performing plasterboard laminates Celotex GD5000 and GS5000 both have an integral vapour control layer built in.

It is positioned between the plasterboard and Celotex foam insulation..

Can I use rockwool instead of Celotex?

Rockwool has roughly half the insulation of Celotex, though it does depend on the exact product you’re looking at. Don’t squash rockwool, it will lose most of the insulation effect – it’s the trapped air that insulates.

Which is better Celotex or polystyrene?

polystyrene is cheaper than celotex. R value or 50mm polystyrene is 1.25. R value of 50mm Celotex is 2.25. It has to be noted that over 7-10 years Celotex will drop in R-value to match the polystyrene as polystyrene will not drop.

Can you screw into Celotex?

You will not be able to put anything substantial on the foam and plaster. It would be possible to drill through the foam into the blocks and use a long screw-type fixing, but for a string dispenser, not worth the trouble. Use no-more-nails to glue it to the wall.

Are Celotex and kingspan the same?

looks just like celotex & kingspan & guess they are all pretty similar being made of the same materials. According to Recticel’s website it’s made of polyurethane, not polyisocyanurate, so not the same material.

Do you need a vapor barrier with foam board insulation?

Rigid foam insulation is it’s own vapour barrier in this application, so you don’t need to use the poly. Just make sure you tuck tape all the joints. … Yes, you can go right over your existing blown in insulation with batt insulation, just make sure you butt the batts up tight against one another so there are no gaps.

Is Kingspan insulation fireproof?

Kingspan LPCB and FM Approved insulated panels are subjected to rigorous insurance industry large-scale fire tests and associated ongoing audits. In addition, they can offer high levels of fire resistance and are proven not to propagate fire in numerous independently-investigated real fire case studies.

What type of insulation is kingspan?

polystyrene insulantKingspan GreenGuard Insulation is a high performance rigid extruded polystyrene insulant designed to meet the needs of specialist projects which require a heavy duty robust insulation. Kingspan GreenGuard Insulation is available in a number of high compressive strength grades to suit a range of service loads.

Is Recticel as good as Kingspan?

General: Recticel insulation It is much cheaper than celotex and kingspan and performs the same. i have spoken to their technical help and it all sounds great.

Is Celotex better than rockwool?

90mm Celotex or equivalent will give the best insulation, it’s insulation factor is about twice that of Rockwool. But it needs cutting which takes time and is messy. Rockwool might be easier to install, although you have to keep it in place somehow and if installed vertically ain’t so simple. Its also cheaper.

Which insulation board is best?

Polyurethane (PUR) is one of the most efficient insulation materials on the market. PUR is available in the shape of insulation boards or foam. However, the boards have a better insulation value than the foam variant. Moreover, these boards guarantee a certain thickness in advance and nothing has to be taped over.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Kingspan?

You could use rock wool if its not going to get wet as that’s loads cheaper . But king span is the best you can use really . There are slightly cheaper alternatives to kingspan. Have a look for celotex and try to see if you can buy surplus from a builder as they will want rid if they can’t store it.

Is Celotex any good for soundproofing?

The short answer is no. We often get asked if products used for thermal insulation (the likes of Kingspan or Celotex) will also be effective at soundproofing.

Which foam board insulation is best?

Choose the right type of rigid foam for your needsPolyisocyanurate: Known as polyiso for short, polyisocyanurate foam has the highest R-value per inch (R-6.5 to R-6.8) of any rigid insulation. … Extruded polystyrene: Extruded polystyrene (XPS) rigid foam is usually blue or pink in color, with a smooth plastic surface.More items…

Is kingspan dust harmful?

Hazards identification When used as intended, this product is classified as non-hazardous and there are no known toxic influences. When the material is cut, long-term exposure to the dust may lead to irritation of the skin, eyes and lungs. Eye and respiratory protection is always recommended.

How can I cut Celotex without dust?

Celotex can be cut with a knife but that can be a bit wibbley wobbley…a fine handsaw with a wide blade gives the most accurate cuts and not too much dust.

Is Celotex dust dangerous?

Celotex products are NOT classified as dangerous for supply.