How Do You Decorate A Large Window?

How do you decorate a large long living room?

Strategically Place Tall Potted Plants.

Paint 2-Tone Walls.

Swap Your Coffee Table for an Oversize Ottoman.

Round Out a Big Seating Plan With a Pair of X-Benches.

Use a Daybed as a Room Divider.

Define Zones With a Console Table.

Add Coziness With a Screen.

Comfortably Fill a Large Space With an L-Shaped Sectional.More items….

How do you decorate a large living room wall?

20 Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your SpaceGo for Large-Scale Art. Grant Gibson lets a 10′ x 6′ Peggy Wong photograph take center stage in a client’s living room. … Create a Gallery Wall. … Incorporate an Accent Wall. … Showcase Fabric. … Hang Mirrors. … Paint a Mural. … Install Shelves. … Hang Plates.More items…•

How do you decorate a large open living room?

7 Design-Savvy Ideas for Open Floor PlansGet Set with Some Symmetry. An easy way to tackle an expansive space is to create a balanced look with your larger furniture pieces. … Make Big with Practical Spaces. … Create Cozy Corners. … Maximize for Multipurpose Use. … Put Wood Designs to Work. … Opt for a Modern Great Room. … Shop more living room looks →

What do you put under a big window?

As you can see, the space under a window can easily be filled with a seat, bench, bookcase, desk, breadboard, or decorative trim moulding.

How do you decorate a living room window?

12 window dressing ideas for living roomsChoose easy-update roller blinds. … Showcase pattern with panel curtains. … Look into flexible living room window dressing ideas. … Save space with a Roman blind. … Prevent living room furniture fading with window dressings. … Combine window dressing ideas for a practical solution. … Choose a modern take on net curtains.More items…

How do you decorate a big window?

Keep furniture at the same height so as to not distract from, or impede, your large window views. This is particularly effective in urban settings. Create a personal Zen-zone in front of or around the window itself. Frame the window with built-in bookshelves or other architectural element.

How do you decorate a large space?

Strategically place tall potted plants. … Paint two-tone walls. … Swap your coffee tables for oversized ottomans. … Round out a big seating plan with a pair of X-benches. … Use a daybed as a room divider. … Define zones with a console table. … Add coziness with a screen. … Comfortably fill a large space with an L-shaped sectional.More items…•

Can you put a lamp in front of a window?

Natural light is important in any room, and usually the more windows, the better. As a general rule, you want to avoid putting things in front of windows as much as possible. When the light is blocked, it makes the room feel smaller, dingier, and more crowded.

How do you pick curtains for large windows?

Measure from the top of the window (plus the added inches of height where the curtains will hang from) to the floor. For a more traditional look, with the curtain slightly puddled on the floor, you’ll want to add another two or three inches to your length.

How do you dress a large living room window?

Layer a shade behind the drapes. If the windows are high, consider a motorized shade, which usually come with a remote control or wall switch. Some remotes can operate up to five separate windows. For a soft effect, hang sheers from a rod from wall to wall.

How do you decorate a wall with a window in the middle?

You have two main options available to you. You can decorate the center wall with artwork, decor, or a mirror meant to draw the eye and ground the room, making that middle wall the center of the room. You can also install one large set of curtains that covers the two windows and the wall between them.

How do you place furniture in a room with a lot of windows?

In a large living room with lots of windows, arrange furniture front and center. Seating arrangements should face each other, no more than 8 feet apart, encouraging conversation. Anchor the seating with a large area rug. Tuck extra seating and storage around the outskirts of the living room close to the walls.